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68" Tractor Heavy Duty Flail Mower

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1. Comes with hammer blades with precise blade overlap
2. Multiple drive belts assure power to the blades
3. Under Deck Clump Busters
4. Standard 3-Pt category I hitch mount
5. PTO Shaft included
6. Red/Green are available, please contact our service what color you need.
Product Description
The EFGC Series Flail Mower is an option if you are working on grass or brush. Ideal for an orchard, nursery, vineyard, in the greenhouse or for gardening. With its fast blade tip speed and interchangeable blades it is perfect for your grounds keeping tasks. If you need to maintain more dense areas, install the hammer blades and you will be able to cut and mulch wooded material up to 3 inches in diameter.  This model is great for acreage larger than 15 acres. Flail Mowers are useful for jobs where you are cutting grass on uneven ground, high grass, weeds, brush, and small saplings. A flail mower doesn’t throw grass, instead it cuts finely and leaves the cuttings on the ground where it was cut making it an excellent choice for those places where you could cause damage by throwing debris. Highway mowing and park maintenance often use flail mowers because they are less likely to throw objects during cutting.
Product Information
Technical Details
Working Width68"
Overall Width75"
Min. HP Req.30 HP
HitchCat. I
Gear Box Rating65 HP
Distance Right of Center Mount43.25 inches or 47.50 inches
Std Hammer Blades28 Hammer Blades
Housing Thickness1/4"
Side Plate Thickness1/4"
Rotor Dia.4"
Rotor Shaft Dia.4 1/2"
Blade Swing14.5"
No. of Belts4 Belts
3pt Conn. Width Driveline TypeSeries 5 Quick Connect Shear Bolt, 6-Spline
Weight740 lbs
Crated Weight790 lbs
Additional Information

$1,999.00 $2,199.00

In Stock.