Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine with Two 16" Seal bar

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1. Industrial high power vacuum pump
2. Reliable and durable
3. Easy to operate
4. Long service life
5. Wide range of application
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Product Description
Model DZ400/500 series vacuum packager works in a brand-new way that it makes the inside of the bag vacuum and then seals it at once, and just because of the high vacuum, extremely less air is left in the bag, resulting in restraining the propagation of bacterium etc. microbe, avoiding the goods being mildew and rotten by oxidation and, at the same time, some spongy goods can be made reduced in the volume after being vacuum packed and thus become easy to transport and store.
This packager uses compound film bags to do vacuum hot-sealing packing for various foods, medicines, native products, aquatic products chemical materials, hardware and electronic components in the state of solid, powder, paste or liquid, which can effectively prevent the packed goods from being rotten and gone bad cause by the oxidation of grease goods or the propagation of the bacterium found of oxygen, keep the quality, freshness, taste, color for an extended storage and make it easy to transport and export the packed goods.
Product Information
Technical Details
Lowest absolute pressure intensity in the vacuum chamber 1kpa
Volume of vacuum chamber (LxWxH) 440*44O*130mm, 17*17*5inch
Packing speed 13 times/min.
Power supply single-phase 110V 60HZ
Motor power 0.75KW
Hot-sealing power 0.8KW
Evacuation rate 5.5L/S
Weight 80kg, 176lbs
Dimensions 520*490*930mm, 20*19*37inch
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$1,169.00 $1,519.00