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Laboratory Recirculating Chiller Refrigerated Circulator 3500W@0℃

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1. Temperature range: -10 - RT ℃

2. Flow: 25 L/min  

3. POWER: 220V/60HZ  3500W at 0℃

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Product Description

The cryogenic liquid circulation equipment, which adopts the compression refrigeration method, can directly cool test tubes and reaction bottles for chemical reactions at low temperature, and store chemicals and biological products at low temperature.


1.Large capacity open type bath and circulation,it can be used as a cooling tank, and can provide cooling liquid.

2.With advanced performance, reliable quality.

3. Special relays, protectors, capacitors and refrigeration components of refrigeration units are imported original high-quality components.

4.The circulation system adopts 304, 316 stainless steel and polymer anti-corrosive materials, which can prevent rust, corrosion and pollution of cryogenic liquid.

5.Temperature display digital display, microcomputer temperature control, simple operation.

6. with energy saving function, it is suitable for occasions where lack of water, bad water quality, or bad water pressure. Can prevent circulating water scaling, pollution;It can effectively protect the normal operation of large precision instruments and equipment under the bad working environment in high temperature area.

Product Information
Technical Details
Cooling Range-10—RT
Min Temperature-10℃
 Cooling Capacity At Different Cooling TemperatureRT4600W
Tank VolumeL30
Input PowerW2100
Working ConditionsEnviroment Temperature≤30℃
Relative Humidity60%
Working Voltage220V±10%    60Hz
FunctionTemperature Control AbilityLCD display    PT100 Temperature Sensor    Precision ±1℃
Setting MethodSet Arbitrarily Within The Using Range       Resolution 0.1℃
 Safetyovervoltage, delay, overcurrent, overheat, leakage, protector
Cooling MethodAir Cooling
Tank size and Opening Diameter350 x 350mm 、opening 320mm
Compressor Power、Current1875W、8.5A
Performance Of PumpPower 100W、Current 0.5A、Flow 25L/min、Lift 6M
Outer Dimension24.80 x 20.87 x 39.37 (mm)
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