CPBM Electric Deck Oven Double Deck Pizza Oven Electric Bakery Oven 4Pan 220v 3 Phase 7Kw CE Made In Taiwan

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  1. Electric / Power 220v, 7kW
  2. 304 Stainless case - with 2 decks 4 pans
  3. Over Heat Protection Sensor - Prevent serious burns
  4. Heat Distribution - help ensure even colorization of the product
  5. Variety - Perfect for a variety of different bread types including cakes, pastries, and all other hard bread.

Product Description


Our K & Pro Series Ovens are the selected oven for the Taiwan selection at some of the world's most prestigious bakery competitions.


★ Couple du Monde de la Boulangerie

★ Bake-A-Star championship

★ City Bread Championship

Wu Pao-chun, the Taiwanese baker, destined our deck oven for baking and won the best title of Master Baker in the bread category at the 2010 Bakery Masters competitions held in Paris.

About US

CPBM was founded in 1951

Over the past 65 years, we have accumulated oven-making skills, broken through tradition, and continued to develop and innovate. Thanks to the support and trust of the baking industry. In the future, we will be more committed to providing customers with equipment consultation and whole-site planning and look forward to helping the bakery industry move forward together towards a successful future. 


CPBM had 70 years of experience in ovens manufacturing and our oven series has an extreme capacity in a limited space.

The temperature can be easily set up between 120°F and 650°F. Each oven can hold 18" x 26" size bakeware. The oven door is completely sealed with silicone rubber for temperature and humidity. The humidity in the oven can also be controlled by moisture. The valve at the back is manually adjusted. There is a three-stage oven door opening a fixed button beside the oven door. For kitchens with limited space, the K-25 type of two-layer oven can satisfy your baking need.


Stainless Steel Case 

2 full-size 18"x26" trays capacity per deck

● Heat Distribution

A heating system that enables even heat distribution inside the oven and heat retention

helps ensure even colorization of the product.

● See-Through Window

Able to observe baking progress.

● User-friendy Display

Time setting allows for desired time setting using arrow buttons.

● Microprocessor Heating Control

A consecutive step-by-step control method with a microprocessor allows for heating

control from 0~100% to enable even and precise temperature control.

● Heavy-duty Adjustable legs & lockable casters

● Maximum Temperature For Baking 650℉

● Overheat Protection Sensor

Once the unit is plugged in, protection sensors will be set in to prevent serious burns.

● Temperature control top & bottom heating element per deck

Allowing operators to determine the ratio of top vs. bottom heat and offer infinite possibilities to adjust the oven for the baking of every conceivable product.

● Each oven has an independent timer

● Three-stage door opening fixed button beside the oven

● Fully welded with aluminum-plated in the furnace to ensure airtightness without wasting heat energy.

● Excellent heat preservation performance reduces the loss of heat and electricity.

● High-precision electronic temperature control l   ±1 degree.

● High-quality nickel complex alloy heating system, uniform heating, and quality.

The double-glazed design with a heat preservation function can easily observe the progress of baking.

● Safety Enforced

Each component is carefully designed with rounded corners to reduce the risk to users.

● Variety

Perfect for a variety of different bread types including cakes, pastries, pizza, and all other hard bread.


Product Information
Technical Details

Power TypeElectric
Power220V / 7 kW
Deck Qty2 Decks / 4 Pans


120°F ~ 650°F

Pan Size18" x 26"
Exterior FinishStainless Steel
Interior FinishAluminized Steel
Country of OriginTaiwan

Additional Information

Product Double Deck Pizza Oven Electric Bakery Oven
O.D. (WxDxH) Inch
43.5 x 36 x 65 (inch)
I.D. (WxDxH) inch
27 ¹⁹/₃₂ x 31 ²⁹/₃₂ x 57 ¹/₂ (inch)
Net Weight 
200 lb
Gross Weight  
674 lb

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