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CTD 18" Automatic Upcut Cut Off Saw

TPIN: 88DPGOO7R Condition: New
33695 $33,695.00

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In Stock. Fulfilled by CTD Machines.
SHIPS WITHIN: 30 DAYS, WARRANTY: For detailed warranty information, please contact us directly. Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by:CTD Machines.


- 12" Blade Capacity

- 15 Strokes per min. 

- 2 HP 1 or 3 Phase

Product Description

This new machine uses our Time Tested 200 Series cut-off saw in combination with a lineal positioner to push feed material and automatically cut it to an assortment of predetermined lengths. You can also download a cut-list from a variety of programs with optional software. The machine includes a 3 h.p. 3 phase motor with a magnetic starter, 12" blade capacity, hold down clamps, lineal positioner and support tables. This integration of CTD’s Saws and automatic lineal positioner make for a unique combination Autofeed Cut-Off System. The A200 will use a 16’ positioner or feeder will feed up to 12’ long material, longer lengths are available to feed, clamp and cut wood, plastics or aluminum. Each machine will include a safely guarded machine with safety interlock feature

1. 12" blade capacity.

2. 2 hp single or three phase 208V/240V/460V/ 3450rpm TEFC sealed Baldor motor standard.

3. Cast Iron/Cast Aluminum base and arms for metal stability and repeatability.

4. Vertical clamp/ Horizontal clamp optional to hold material to the fence during cutting.

6. Optional matching floor stand.

7. 15 strokes per minute with >60db of sound generation.

8. Fully enclosed blade guard with interlock switches for added safety.

Standard Equipment

8.5 HP Baldor TEFC Motor
3 Premium Notched Belts
Filter, Regulator w/Air Pressure Gauge
Magnetic Starter in NEMA 12 Box with Low Voltage Controls
Tempered Chrome-Moly Spindle
Heavy Steel Spindle Housing
4" Dust Chute 400 CFM Suggested

Optional Equipment

In feed and Out feed Tables
Lubricate System
Automatic Stop Digital Stop
18 A.T.B. or T.C. Systi-Matic Blades


Blade Size: 18" x 1" Bore
Blade Speed: 3,165 RPM
Cycle Speed: Up to 60/Minute
Air Cylinder: 2" x 10"
C.F.M. 14.04 SCFM/2,18 CFM
Table Height: 36"
Floor Space: 25" x 28-1/2"
Weight: 650 pounds


1" x 12" – 2.5" x 8.5" – 4" x 5"
5" x 7" on Special Order

Product Information
Technical Details
Additional Information
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In Stock.