Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer 5.3 US Gal 4 Qty

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  1.  36V lithium battery
  2. Tank capacity: 20 liters (5.3 US Gal)
  3. Working time: continuous spraying 1.5 hour
  4. Ideal for Disinfecting, Decontamination, Odor Removal, Pesticides/Fertilizing, Sanitizing
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Product Description

The design of the cordless electrostatic backpack superfine sprayer (FS-C-J4L) is designed to cover 20000 square feet of liquid per tank under the professional operation. The coverage of each tank is determined by the usage flow and particle size test. Its unique air supply structure and the design of electrostatic centrifugal nozzle can save more time and labor, spray less liquid and cover more area. The minimum spraying particle size can reach 25 microns, the spraying distance can reach 20 feet, and the particle diffusion area of the head can reach 32 square feet.Inductive electrostatic technology can provide more reliable charge, which can effectively and evenly wrap on the surface of conductive objects. Electrostatic particles wrap the surface and shadow of all conductive objects.

Shang Yuan's FS-C-J4L cordless electrostatic pack type super fine sprayer consists of 4L filter, high-speed turbo fan, high speed centrifugal nozzle, electrostatic generator and electrostatic nozzle.The pneumatic electrostatic sprayer has a high-speed turbo fan to drive the front nozzle swirling at high speed, thus dispersing water droplets and spraying sprinklers.

When the droplet is ejected from the nozzle, the electrostatic nozzle charges the high-pressure charge into the droplet and disperses the droplet twice. As a result, the droplets are ejected and the nozzle is charged with ions.

The maximum wind pressure of the high-speed turbine fan is 2.2kp, which can transport 25 μ M Medium Diameter droplets to about 8m after dispersion.

The FS-C-J4L cordless electrostatic backpack superfine sprayer adopts 36V lithium battery, which can work for more than 1.5 hours with continuous maximum power, and the battery structure changes rapidly. In practical work, it can replace the battery quickly and effectively, making the working time more lasting and effective

Product Information
Technical Details
  • Professional cordless electrostatic sprayer

  • Tank capacity: 20 liters (5.3 US Gal)

  • Coverage area of each tank: 20000 square feet (at a minimum of 25 microns)

  • Working time: continuous spraying 1.5 hours

  • Charging time: 7 hours

  • Flow rate: 25 μ M / 1.4 oz / min, 80 μ M / 5.1 oz / min, 110 μ M / 13.4 oz / min.

  • Sprayer weight: 27.5 pounds (filled with solution)

  • Nozzle structure: electrostatic centrifugal nozzle

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