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Shrink Tunnel Compact Shrink Wrap Heat Tunnel 14" x 18"

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1. Intelligent temperature control.
2. Reliable and durable.
3. Easy to operate.
4. Long service life.
5. Wide range of application.
Product Description
Shrink packing machine is one of advanced packaging methods in current international market. It introduces the shrinking film to wrap outside the products and the package, and then heat them to make the package materials shrink and tightly wrap the products, and the package that fully shows the appearance of products and develops the sales exhibition of products to add aesthetic feeling and sense of value; meanwhile, the packed goods is sealed, damp proof, anti-pollution. The package protects products from the external impact and has some certain buffering effect, especially for vessels package, it can prevent window flying off when broken down, in addition, reducing the possibility for products disassembled and stolen; the shrinking film can produce a certain tension when shrinking, so it can tightly wrap a group of goods to be packed and play a strapping role, particularly, it is applied for collection and pallet package of many items. Thus, our products can be widely used for all kinds of small commodities package. Jet-propelled thermal contraction packing machine is the most new-type automatic successive shrinkable packaging device in the current domestic market with radiating pipe heating, power saving and high efficiency (power saving over 15%); shrinkage temperature and motor drive speed are stable, adjustable with an extensive adjusting range and original jet-propelled device. So this product is characterized in advanced design, extremely stable and reliable performance, good packaging contraction effect, novel and beautiful structure and convenient operation and maintenance and some other features. Moreover, the service life of the products is obviously higher than similar products. The lengthened jet-propelled thermal contraction packing machine is used for the shrinkable package of shrinking film like PVC, POF and PP. Especially applied for shrinkable package of POF shrinking film.
Product Information
Technical Details
Type BS4535LA
Voltage 220V, 60Hz, 3Phase
Power 9.6KW
Load 66lbs(30kg)
Max. packing size 14"×18"(350mm×450mm)
Overall dimension 63"×28"×43"(1600mm×700mm×1100mm)
Delivery speed 0-400inch/min(0-10m/min)
Weight 264lbs(120kg)
Additional Information

$1,099.00 $1,399.00