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Blue Giant 104" Walkie Counterbalanced Stacker

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  • Warehouses
  • Storage facilities
  • Retail outlets
  • Beverage distribution
  • Frozen food storage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical handling and processing facilities
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Product Description


The BGL-33 Walkie Counterbalanced Stacker stacks and transports palletized loads that straddle stackers or reach trucks cannot carry and position as efficiently. A power steering system results in easy and ergonomic vehicle control.


  • 3,300 lb (1,497 kg)


  • 104" (2,642 mm)


  • AC drive motor delivers steady acceleration and travel speeds
  • 24V ZAPI travel controller supports simple and precise truck positioning
  • Travel speed is reduced when forks are 12" (305 mm) above height
  • Neutral braking resists rollback on ramps
  • Creep speed control allows for easier maneuvering at low speeds in tight places
  • Travel speed: 3.41mph (unloaded) and 3.1mph (under load)


  • Travel, lift, lower, and tilt functions are located in the ergonomic operator handle, which can be operated with either hand
  • Hand grips fit the operator's hand comfortably, reducing fatigue


  • 24" (610 mm) load center
  • Fork size: 42" (1,067 mm) standard
  • 35" (889 mm) tall load backrest
  • High visibility I-beam mast
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