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  • Announcing New Toolots Vendor: Morgan Industries

    CERRITOS, Calif. – June 27, 2017 – Toolots, Inc., a Southern California-based online marketplace and distribution channel for factory-direct industrial machinery, equipment, and manufacturing equipment, is pleased to announce the addition of a new vendor in Long Beach, Calif. Morgan Industries, Inc., founded in 1968, is a manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines perfect for short-run manufacturing and prototypes.

    President of Morgan Industries, Chuck R. Land, demonstrates the operation for the company's Morgan-Press. The injection molding machine is perfect for short-run and prototype manufacturing, is simple to use, and utilizes minimal energy.

    Morgan Industries has been based in Long Beach since its inception, and over the years has continuously produced quality, hand-crafted hand press injection molding machines. President Chuck R. Land, who joined Morgan Industries in 1970, said the company got its jumpstart after one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers sought their expertise to develop a machine for prototype design and production. After back-and-forth with the manufacturer and a few prototypes, the Morgan-Press was created. To date, thousands have since been shipped domestically and abroad.

    Land said it’s a source of pride knowing hundreds of factories, shops, educational institutions and others around the world have Morgan-Press injection molding machines running, even decades after purchase. “We have machines out there that have been running for more than 30 years,” he said.

    Morgan Industries’ Morgan-Press injection molding machines come with the following standard features: solid state temperature controllers with a digital setpoint and readout, three-mode proportioning and programmable controls from 0-800 degrees Fahrenheit (0-430 degrees Celsius). The long-lasting and time-tested heavy duty cast aluminum construction provides additional longevity for your machine, including hardened and chrome-plated barrels. The Morgan-Press includes a generous 8” by 11” inch maximum mold plan area, and injection speed control provides variable cavity fill rates into the mold.  

    Hooking up Morgan-Press injection molding machines is convenient with 120 volt AC and compressed air (maximum psi of 160), and 240 Volt AC upon customer request. A wide range of optional, add-on equipment provides additional customization and functionality for each unique job. Add-on equipment currently available includes a pre-heat plate, standard and anti-drool nozzles, a nozzle adapter and pneumatic hook-up kit. The all-inclusive hook-up kit simplifies installation of the Morgan-Press machine and includes a shut-off valve, in-line filter and lubricator quick disconnect, and all necessary fittings and hoses needed to connect the press to a compressed air outlet.

    Land said Morgan Industries is firmly dedicated to workplace safety, and their injection molding machines have had these safety features for decades, long before federal requirements. All Morgan-Press machines come with a safety cage surrounding the mold assembly, and a safety gate protecting the hopper to protect the operator from heated plastic and moving machine components.

    Additionally, Morgan Industries offers a mold spacer block to increase table height, a purging mold, barrel cleaning kit, as well as a start-up kit that includes testing material – 15 pounds of easy-flow polypropylene for initial machine tryout, mold testing, and purging.

    Morgan Industries has been a reliable, profitable operation serving hundreds of different companies, educational institutions for over 45 years, according to Land. One element that sets the Morgan-Press apart from its competitors is its ease of use. No special skills are needed to operate the injection molding machine, and it utilizes very little electricity.

    “We deal with a lot of beginners in the industry,” Land said. “We’ve found that almost anyone with practical shop skills can quickly learn to produce at rates of up to 180 shots per hour…it’s not rocket science, but it’s practical. From an industry standpoint, it’s also an energy saver.”

    To purchase the Morgan-Press, visit the Morgan Industries portal on the Toolots Merchant Center here. They are available to U.S. and international customers.

  • Haida: Toolots Provides Comprehensive Solution for Large Plastic Injection Machine Manufacturer

    CERRITOS, Calif. – May 1, 2017 – With the guidance of Toolots, China’s second-largest manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines has developed a new brand of industrial equipment specifically for the U.S. manufacturing market. Haida, through its new brand Himalia for American customers, has begun manufacturing modern plastic injection molding machines built to U.S. specifications, voltage and other requirements. Machines are also custom-built at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in China, where more than 400 employees work to produce quality machinery to meet increasing global demand.

    Toolots has helped develop Haida's new brand, cross-border strategy and its products for the U.S. market from the very beginning, and Haida executives said during a recent site visit they are optimistic about the future.

    Haida is the second-largest manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines in China.

    Before partnering with Toolots in July 2016, Haida had limited international sales outside of Asia, the Middle East and Africa, according to Sean Xiao, Haida’s foreign trade executive. The U.S. market always caught their eye, he said, but it would have been expensive modifying existing models to match American specifications.

    “How would we get the customers, and second, how would we provide after-sales service? These are two points that stopped us from getting into the U.S. market. And you solved this problem for us,” Xiao said.

    Toolots engineers, based in Cerritos at the company’s headquarters, are currently training on Haida’s latest machines at their Ningbo factory to develop extensive product knowledge – all to provide better after-sales service and machine maintenance to American customers. Haida unveiled a new robotic system that nearly doubles production speed using their machines, according to Xiao, and is training Toolots engineers on the technology.

    A member of the California-based Toolots engineering team builds and trains on a robotic device that greatly improves production speed to better serve U.S. customers.

    Toolots helped Haida establish its legal, registered entity in the U.S., Himalia, and assists with ongoing branding and marketing efforts. The Toolots public relations/marketing and graphic design teams developed Himalia’s brand and provide critical market research data that guides Himalia in providing machinery that is in greatest demand domestically, and important specifications to match various state voltage requirements.

    The Toolots team toured one of Haida's sprawling, modern factories during a recent visit to eastern China. Its cross-border business development and public relations/marketing team, headed by Toolots Director of Global Commerce Services Grant Montgomery and Director of Public Affairs Chris Foy on the U.S. side, and Product Manager Tony Chen with Toolots China, examined each step of Haida manufacturing process. The Toolots team met with Xiao in Ningbo to discuss future output and the impact of increased cooperation between China and the U.S. to provide highly engineered machinery at competitive prices.

    “When we started our international trade, the U.S. was not our focus because if we sold there, we’d have had to change a lot out of the machines; it would take a lot of time and be very expensive to do that,” Xiao said. “With this new thinking (and partnership with Toolots), we are taking this time to develop another standalone machine, and we will be able to sell more machines.”

    In late 2016, Toolots Chief Executive Officer and Founder Jason Fu signed an agreement with Haida's chief executive Jiang Zhongding to partner with the company, the second-largest manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines in China, to enter the U.S. market. Before partnering with Toolots, Haida’s product reach included Southeast and Central Asia, South America and 10 other countries, but the company saw an opportunity in expanding foreign sales. Haida's chief executive pointed out during the July 2016 signing ceremony that cooperation is essential to expand not only the international influence and reach of industrial manufacturing enterprises, but also to help solve the traditional manufacturing industry’s lack of effective online sales.

    The agreement with Toolots was the first of its kind entered by Haida, according to Zhongding. Haida is utilizing Toolots as a complete warehousing logistics solution for fulfillment, after-sales machinery maintenance provider, and Toolots works directly with U.S. customers to sell, market, distribute and service Haida and Himalia’s plastic injection molding machines.

    Haida Foreign Trade Executive Sean Xiao discusses how the company's machines can create finished products like this one, faster than competing companies.

    As the product development and engineering processes at Haida wrap up and, both companies are training and testing the machinery to ensure American customers have the best possible experience with the industrial manufacturing equipment. Feedback from U.S. manufacturers will guide future efforts, and Toolots’ engineering team can provide service nationwide to ensure machinery is up and running.

    “We feel it’s a great opportunity, this partnership with Toolots. In the future, I think we will have a lot of work,” Xiao said.

    About Toolots

    Toolots, headquartered in Cerritos, California, offers an online marketplace and international distribution channel for factory-direct industrial tools, machinery, and technology. The user-friendly platform provides fast, easy access to high-quality, affordable equipment to manufacturers. Toolots provides comprehensive services for companies around the world who produce industrial machinery and equipment, helping streamline the marketing, omni-channel sales, warehousing, fulfillment and after-sales service. On the customer end, Toolots simplifies the purchase, delivery, installation and warranty of industrial technology, machinery and components, and upholds product quality through a vetted network of vendors and service technicians. The company’s dedication to fostering international trade relations passes on cost savings to the consumer, contributes to reduced downtime, improves productivity and expands a manufacturer’s reach. Toolots has strategically located warehouses, showrooms, and offices across the United States, China and as of May 2017, has expanded into Taiwan. For more information visit us online at

  • Toolots Visits Haida Manufacturing in Ningbo

    The Toolots Inc. cross-border business development and public affairs team recently visited Haida Manufacturing's plastic injection molding machine factory  in Ningbo, China. Toolots is helping the state-of-the-art company develop a brand specifically for U.S. manufacturers customized to American specifications, introducing them to consumers later this year.

    Haida showcased a robotic arm Tuesday that more than doubles the speed of the plastic injection molding process, reduces downtime and removes the need to pull each completed product from the mold by hand. The Toolots engineering team, based in California, traveled to China to train on the robotic arm and Haida's latest plastic injection molding machines to better serve the United States manufacturing industry.

    Toolots provides industrial equipment, technology and tools to support global manufacturing. The company has a growing presence in the U.S. and Asia, and manufacturers on both sides of the Pacific use the Toolots online marketplace to sell their innovative, reliable and competitively priced equipment to industrial customers from around the world.

    Haida Foreign Trade Executive Sean Xiao and Toolots Director of Commerce Services Grant Montgomery examine some of Haida's largest plastic injection molding machines

    Stay tuned for more updates from our ongoing trade mission to China to establish connections with new suppliers of innovative, quality industrial equipment to support U.S. manufacturing.

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