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  • Announcing New Toolots Vendor: PolyShield LLC

    Toolots is excited to announce the addition of  a new vendor, PolyShield LLC, to our E-Commerce marketplace and Global Commerce Services initiative! Based in Pickerington, Ohio, PolyShield manufactures protective plastic films that can be used in a multitude of applications. PolyShield's products are currently available on for sale to customers located domestically in the U.S. and internationally in China.  

    Specifications for PolyShield's ProtecTuff ML72 Clear Multi-Layer Protection Film.

    PolyShield's films help extend surface life by protecting or minimizing scratches, preventing chemical damage, reducing unit surface soiling, and protecting surfaces from repeated handling. Traditionally, each film consists of 4-7 layers, unless customized for specific projects, that easily tear off to provide new, undamaged surfaces overtime while the original surface remains protected. PolyShield's films can be adhered to metal, plastic, stone, glass, laminates, and painted surfaces. Additionally, all PolyShield's polymer films are proudly Made in the USA in a variety of sizes. 

    Toolots is happy to offer our domestic and international customer quality plastic protective films through the inclusion of PolyShield LLC! For purchasing information, visit PolyShield’s marketplace on 


  • Announcing New Toolots Vendor: Stratojet


    Toolots is happy to announce the addition of a new vendor, Stratojet, to our E-Commerce marketplace and Global Commerce Services initiative! Based in Santa Fe Springs, Stratojet manufactures wide format printers, flatbed cutters, and printing solutions. Stratojet’s products are currently available on for sale to customers located domestically in the U.S. and internationally in China.  

    Stratojet's Shark EFB-2512 Flatbed Printer 4'x8' can print on a variety of rigid and flexible substrates.

    Stratojet’s printers span from flatbed to dye sublimation, eco-solvent, and roll to roll UV curable to complete a variety of projects and signs. All printers are built with Accurate Dot Placement (ADP) technology which precisely places each drop of ink to improve midtones and the overall image quality while smoothing color transitions and reducing the number of printer passes. With over 20 years of experience in the printing industry, Stratojet ensures each printer is designed with the operator's ease of use in mind, and built with high quality components for durability in heavy or light production environments. 

    Stratojet's Shark Cut 2516 Flatbed Cutter 5'x8' is capable of cutting and creasing multiple materials such as corrugated board, cardboard, hard PVC, foam board, and more.

    In the event of an issue, the Stratojet team is committed to assisting their customers by offering a variety of after-sale services like phone and online support for troubleshooting resolutions. Additionally, through its network of technicians, the company can expedite part changes to reduce costly machine downtime. Furthermore, Stratojet's engineers have extensive knowledge on wide format hardware and software, many of which possess over 10 years of industry experience, and are manufacturer trained and authorized. 

    Toolots is excited to offer our domestic and international customers quality large format printers through the inclusion of Stratojet! For purchasing information, visit Stratojet USA’s marketplace on 


  • U.S. Manufacturing Optimism Rate at 90.8% for Q3

    NAM Q3 Manufacturers Outlook Survey shows the highest rate of optimism for 3 consecutive quarters in 20 years. 


    CERRITOS, California- October 12, 2017- The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) recently released their Manufacturers Outlook Survey for the third quarter of 2017 containing updated information on manufacturers' perception of the current state of the industry and its growth within the following year. As the U.S.' largest manufacturing association, NAM represents small to large manufacturers throughout the country and "...accounts for more than three-quarters of all private-sector research and development in the nation" (NAM). Data from the survey is pulled from the responses of approximately "...524 manufacturers from all parts of the country, in a wide variety of manufacturing sectors and in varying size classifications" according to the report 

    In their Third Quarter Manufacturers Outlook Survey, NAM reported an average optimism rate of roughly 90% among manufacturers. This is the highest record of optimism recorded since the survey began roughly 20 years ago in 1997. Comparably, the third quarter average in 2016 was only 59.7%. Furthermore, the positive trends continued throughout the report in regards to exports, production, sales, and more. Respectively, the average expected increase in sales and production was 4.5%, and overall positive outlook for business was 89.8% among manufacturers. 

    Moreover, the increases in sales and production anticipated by these manufacturers also produced an anticipated increase in labor demand. Thus, surveyed manufacturers expected to increase their full-time employees by an average of 2.2%, resulting in a matching 2.2% average increase in employee wages excluding nonwage compensation. This reinforces NAM's prediction that the manufacturing industry, which contributes an estimated $12 trillion to the U.S. economy annually, will create roughly 3.5 million jobs over the next decade. 


    Similarly, the NAM Manufacturing Outlook Index also indicates strong levels of confidence in business conditions year-to-date, rising from 60.8 in the second quarter to 61.0 in the third quarter. By comparison, the index stood at 41.3 one year ago.-NAM Manufacturers' Outlook Survey Third Quarter 2017


    Overall, this quarter's Manufacturers Outlook Survey reveals a positive shift in the industry's outlook, and an anticipation for growth or revival in regards to production, sales, and staffing. Specifically, data within the report suggests that production within the manufacturing industry could grow as much as "...3.6 percent between now and the first quarter of 2018". With increasing optimism in the industry, SMEs in the U.S. have the opportunity to explore business expansion. Toolots is uniquely positioned to offer SMEs assistance expanding their distribution network domestically, or entering into the global market by providing assistance overcoming barriers such as inefficiency, slow innovation, and high prices. For additional information, contact us via phone at (844) TOOLOTS or via email at 


  • World Food Day 2017 and the Importance of Food Manufacturing 

    CERRITOS, California- October 17, 2017- Since 1945, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has celebrated World Food Day (WFD) on October 16 of each year to commemorate its founding. Yesterday, over 150 countries throughout the world celebrated WFD  to "... promote worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure food security and nutritious diets for all." Specifically, this year's theme focused on solving the issue of migration through increased food security and rural development. 

    One major component in ensuring food security however is the actual processing and manufacturing of agricultural materials into food and beverage products. Within the U.S., food manufacturing is a vital component of the greater manufacturing industry as it essentially generates significant revenue for the economy and helps create edible food products. In 2015 the products created during food manufacturing and processing actually accounted for "16% of the value of shipments from all U.S. manufacturing plants."  

    The Value of U.S. Food Manufacturing 

    According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), food processing occurs at food manufacturing plants where "... raw agricultural materials [are transformed] into products for intermediate or final consumption by applying labor, machinery, energy, and scientific knowledge." Essentially, these manufacturers help transform the food grown by farmers into edible products for consumption after preparation, or for immediate consumption. In addition to helping supply the U.S. with food, the industry also employs a significant number of employees. As of 2015 these facilities employed roughly 1.5 million workers, which accounted for 14% of employment within the U.S. manufacturing industry as a whole. 

    Furthermore, food manufacturing is able to contend with fellow subsectors in regards to revenue generation. During Industry Week magazine's IndustryWeek US 500 2017 for example, a ranking of the largest U.S. public manufacturers by revenue, 31 food companies appeared on the list.  


    Only four manufacturing categories -- petroleum & coal products, computers & other electronics products, chemicals and machinery -- had a greater number of representative companies on the IW 500 than [the] food manufacturers. -Industry Week 


    Altogether these food companies earned a collective $337.3 billion dollars in revenue, out of the $12 trillion NAM estimates the manufacturing industry collectively contributes to the U.S. economy annually. Additionally, manufacturing production increased this month indicating signs of recovery since June 2017 following several hurricanes and natural disasters in the U.S. As such, Toolots is uniquely positioned to help food manufacturing SMEs expand their current distribution network, break into the global market, or offer assistance with after-sales services, organization, and competitive pricing to tap into the growing market. For additional information, contact us via phone at (844) TOOLOTS or via email at 



  • Toolots Announces $1 Million Lifetime Sales Milestone 

    CERRITOS, California- October 11, 2017- Toolots, an online marketplace and international cross-border platform for factory-direct industrial tools, machinery, equipment, and technology, announced it recently achieved $1 million in lifetime sales.  

    Headquartered in Cerritos California, the company was originally founded in May 2016 by CEO Jason Fu, who has 17 years of industry experience through his machinery supply company Bolton Tools. Through its innovative platform, Toolots aims to bolster the global manufacturing industry by helping SMEs overcome barriers, expand their businesses, and generate more revenue. 

    This is accomplished through Toolots' scalable, comprehensive services and ERP system currently being finalized. Vendors who partner with the company maintain their branding rights usually lost in traditional distribution models. In addition, vendor partners gain access to data allowing them to make transparent decisions and focus on daily operation tasks or overall business growth. Essentially, Toolots' model offers its customers quality equipment at competitive prices, thereby manufacturing SMEs to focus these funds on additional employees or services. Furthermore, the issue of after-sales services for purchased machinery and equipment, which often serves as a major concern to customers, is resolved through the company's network of service technicians on its YuuTool  repair app. 

    With the achievement of $1 million in lifetime sales, Toolots strives to support SMEs to strengthen cross-border relations and aid in the growth of the global manufacturing industry. 


  • MFG Day 2017 Concludes with 3,000 Events Across the U.S.

    CERRITOS, California- October 10, 2017- The sixth annual National Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) 2017 concluded last Friday wherein approximately 3,000 events occurred nationwide. Of this number, over 170 of the events took place in the state of California alone. MFG Day, which occurs each year on the first Friday of October, strives to celebrate the modern manufacturing industry while simultaneously educating individuals on the current state of the industry and its future.  

    Often events include small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) opening their facilities to their community members, students, and educators to provide an in depth look into their average day. In addition, SMEs may also attend events hosted by local colleges or universities to demonstrate the function and use of their products, or discuss career opportunities in their field and dispel misconceptions. 

    This year, Toolots sponsored transportation for over 30 high school students from Artesia, Cerritos, and Gahr high schools within the ABC Unified School District (ABCUSD) to attend MFG Day at Cerritos College. Attending students had the opportunity to tour five departments within the college’s Technical Division that displayed woodworking, welding, engineering, and machine tooling technology. Students were provided with knowledge regarding the use of several machines, including a live demonstration of machines in operation by professors and general safety tips. 

    30+ students from ABCUSD attend MFG Day at Cerritos College

    High school students from ABCUSD listen to a professor for Cerritos College's MFG Day event

    Sponsorship of the event is one example of Toolots’ efforts to actively partner with the ABCUSD to educate and encourage youth interested in fields such as manufacturing, engineering, and technology to support these industries and promote growth. Current projections estimate the manufacturing industry will create roughly 3.5 million jobs over the next ten years, offering interested students a variety of potential career paths to choose from. However in addition to educating students about the industry, Toolots helps bolster manufacturing by offering U.S. SMEs assistance in overcoming barriers, such as inefficiency, slow innovation, or high prices, which previously hindered their ability to expand domestically or abroad. This assistance is facilitated through the company’s innovative platform and business model which supplies partnered SMEs with scalable, comprehensive services such as after-sales services in addition to access to ERPs and corresponding data which will allow them to focus on daily operations or make transparent, executive decisions.  

    Thus the effect of events that educate and encourage students interested in manufacturing and technology like MFG Day, in tandem with the support of U.S. SMEs, are vital to sustaining and promoting the growth of the manufacturing industry which contributes roughly $12 trillion to the U.S. economy annually.  


  • Toolots Sponsors Local Event Encouraging Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    The event aimed to open discussions about cross-border business between the U.S.-China, while encouraging the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurs within the community. 

    Toolots Team attending Day 2 of the Forum.

    September 30 and October 3, 2017-Toolots was a proud sponsor of the ShuiMu U.S.-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, a two-day conference held on last weekend on September 30th and October 1st. The conference was co-organized by Tsinghua University's Alumni Association in Southern California and LEAP Career Development, a nonprofit dedicated to career advancement and networking for young people in STEM. The event aimed to open a dialogue about cross-border business in the U.S. and China, with a focus on topics such as culture, economy, innovation, and technology. In addition to a forum for innovators and investors, the conference integrated a Venture Capital (VC) pitch competition, as well as a Youth STEAM Innovation Competition. Tsinghua’s strong alumni presence in Southern California provided the forum with a distinguished lineup of exceptional business executives and leading minds across a wide range of fields.

    Dr. Jessie Ying Zhan speaking to attendees about how Toolots has collectively worked to achieved success.

    Day 1

    On Saturday, Toolots was pleased to host the events for Day 1 of the Forum which included an Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and the Youth 3D Design Mini Hackathon. Both events were held at Toolots' headquarter office located in Cerritos, California. The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp featured three distinguished keynote speakers from Tsinghua's Alumni Association, including Toolots’ own Dr. Ying Zhan (Jessie). Topics covered included risks and solutions in start-ups, the entrepreneur’s mindset, and how to win over investors. The speakers shared their collective experience as cross-border business leaders and investors before offering advice on leadership and entrepreneurship.

    During the event, Jessie shared Toolots’ story and how the company was able to successfully garner VC investment. She explained that Toolots’ success, not only in its pitch but its overall trajectory as a start-up, could be attributed to its exceptionally strong board, its genuinely disruptive business model, and its ability to prove feasibility and user traction.

    The second event, the Youth 3D Design Mini Hackathon, occurred on Saturday afternoon. Participants of the event were allowed to work in teams of two or three, including an adult coach, and were required to be currently enrolled in a school between 6th-12th grade. Winners of the "Explore Mars, Build the Future" theme were invited to attend the final pitch of Day 2's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition event. Facilitation of this event, and similar ones, is part of Toolots' initiative to actively support education and encouragement of youth in technology through attending, hosting, and sponsoring community education events, an ongoing partnership with the ABC Unified School District, and a new summer internship for high school students interested in the manufacturing industry.

    Student winners of Day 1's Hackathon attend Day 2's pitch competition.

    Day 2

    The second day was held at the Hilton San Gabriel in Los Angeles and featured a full day of events intended to bring together the business forum and the youth competitions.

    The first discussion centered around the current environment for cross-border startups in China and the U.S. The panel mainly addressed the opportunities and challenges companies and business leaders in both countries must overcome to successfully do business overseas. During their dialogue, the panel also discussed innovation and cross-border entrepreneurship in both markets before noting that the legal environment has seen great improvements in China, and that IP protection has increasingly become a priority.

    The second panel featured speakers with technology industry knowledge who addressed potential business opportunities with AI and machine learning technology. The panelists discussed the current AI landscape and various applications of AI, including security, healthcare, and autonomous driving.

    Toolots CTO Bill Andreozzi speaking on the components of a good, successful pitch.

    Following the conclusion of the panel discussion portions of the event, Toolots CTO Bill Andreozzi kicked off the pitch competition after giving an opening speech. During his speech, Andreozzi demonstrated parts of Toolots’ own pitch, while analyzing the key components to provide insight into the necessary elements of a good, successful pitch. He began with an analysis of the title, “Machinery of operational transformation,” explaining that it was an effective yet simple way to tell investors that Toolots essentially provides a collection of tools and gears that work together to provide disruptive solutions.

    Andreozzi then gave an overview of the barriers SMEs going global often face: inefficiency, high prices, slow innovation. He elaborated by stating that products often don't go global until there is demonstrated market value, which results in slow innovation. Andreozzi stated that Toolots' platform and business model are intended to help SMEs overcome these barriers to expand their businesses and generate revenue.

    During his speech, Andreozzi also highlighted the importance of clearly distinguishing your business from competitors when pitching to investors. He referred to Toolots' pitch, wherein the company contrasts their new, innovative business model with the traditional model that often results in manufacturers losing their branding rights when selling products like industrial equipment overseas. Overall, the traditional model increases cost to consumer, while decreasing revenue to manufacturer in China.

    “Show the problem statement and then show what you do. What differentiates you? Break down specifics,” Andreozzi said, explaining a slide listing the comprehensive services Toolots offers its customers and vendor partners. He noted that at this point during the pitch, investors might ask whether Toolots really does all of this. The answer would be yes, because all the services are scalable, with the most important being after-sales services. Toolots has successfully built a network of service technicians with YuuTool, the Uber of service repair.

    “Make sure both your business model and market are sustainable. What is gluing your customer to your product?” prompted Andreozzi, before offering a deep dive into how Toolots “glues” the customer: it manages all their daily operations, and its ERP is being built so that Toolots can put business intelligence around it. Toolots focuses on ERP and partners with others for supply chain, etc. With a majority of data integrated into its ERP, Toolots will achieve true transparency with regards to operations and supply chain that will allow vendor partners to make informed decisions, focus on revenue generation, and day to day operations.


  • Toolots Hires New IT Manager to Revitalize the Company's Technology Infrastructure

    Streamlining and creating processes to increase productivity and efficiency throughout the company 

    CERRITOS, California- October 3, 2017- Toolots, an online marketplace and international distribution channel for factory-direct industrial tools, machinery, equipment, and technology, recently announced the expansion of their technology department through the hiring of Manny Aparicio as the company's new IT Manager last month.  

    "Everything IT, [and essentially] anything that plugs into a wall, I want to help with" Aparicio stated when discussing his personal ambitions for the role. 

    Aparicio joins the company with over 10 years of industry experience in various IT management roles including his previous role, where he was responsible for overseeing the Managed Service Provider (MSP) for a startup company in Los Angeles. When asked about his perceptions about the company, Aparicio stated he saw Toolots as an interesting, technologically involved company looking to improve its own processes, as well as those for its partnered vendors. He elaborated by stating he was impressed by the company's dedication and growth, and looked forward to helping the company make a bigger impact in the industry through the creation of streamlined processes. 

    "Streamlining the processes are key for production. I'm like a highway worker clearing out the lags and debris to make the road clean and solid for us to use," Aparicio said. 

    As the new IT Manager for Toolots, Aparicio will be responsible for implementing and maintaining the company's technology infrastructure while working with the current CTO William Andreozzi and his team. Moreover, he will be responsible for researching new technology that may assist in improving productivity and organization when implemented. As of now, Aparicio is auditing the company's current systems and assessing their outcomes to identify areas that are inefficient and can be improved. He stated that the goal of the audit is to assess what needs to be completed overall, while also determining what should be finalized by the end of the year. Aparicio described it as establishing "...what needs to be in place, [and] what makes sense for everyone" to standardize the essentials without overly complicating the processes for employees and merchants. 

    "I want to establish processes, standardization, and foundation throughout all levels of the company to make everyone's job easier and more efficient," Aparicio summarized. He elaborated by stating that the core function of an IT department is to ensure the company has access to the proper tools and resources for daily operation in addition to overseeing the security of data, backup systems, and network. Aparicio concluded that standardizing processes across the board would create simplified, clear cut ways for employees to do their job without creating excess work. 

    "My objective is to foster and help growth, whether its creating processes or consolidating servers, I really want to use my experience to help the company grow," Aparicio stated. 

    Infact, Aparicio cited the potential for growth and creation as two of the main draws that attracted him to Toolots. He explained the opportunity to build systems and processes from the ground up, in addition to the team oriented environment, was extremely special. Furthermore, with Toolots's international growth, the pending completion of its ERP systems, and the daily onboarding of merchants on the platform, Aparicio stated that he could see the department growing with the company in the future. 


    About Toolots  

    Toolots, headquartered in Cerritos, California, offers an online marketplace and international distribution channel for factory-direct industrial tools, machinery, and manufacturing technology. Our user-friendly platform provides fast, easy access to high-quality, affordable equipment for manufacturers. More than a simple distribution channel, Toolots provides comprehensive services for companies around the world who produce the industrial machinery and equipment we sell, helping streamline the marketing, omni-channel sales, warehousing, fulfillment and after-sales service. On the customer end, Toolots simplifies the purchase, delivery, installation and warranty of industrial technology, machinery and components, and upholds product quality through a vetted network of vendors and service technicians. The company’s dedication to fostering international trade relations passes on cost savings to the consumer, contributes to reduced downtime, improves productivity and expands a manufacturer’s reach. Toolots has strategically located warehouses, showrooms, and offices across the United States, China and as of May 2017, has expanded into Taiwan. For more information visit us online at  


  • Toolots Meet with Shenyang Leaders to Discuss Global Manufacturing

    SHENYANG, Liaoning-September 24, 2017 – Toolots CEO Jason Fu and Executive Advisor Peter Wei met with local leaders in Shenyang last Friday to discuss mutually beneficial opportunities to grow the global manufacturing community. 

    Toolots was warmly received by the local officials, who hoped to offer their support for Toolots doing business in their region as well as examine what efforts could be made to increase and strengthen cross-border commerce. 

    Jason Fu (middle) and Dr. Peter Wei (left) of Toolots pictured with Vice Mayor Zhang Jinghui.

    Once at the forefront of China's industrial revolution, Shenyang is still the most important city for manufacturing in Northeast China. But like other cities in China's rust belt, the local government is making every effort to modernize industry and revitalize the region. This includes supporting private sector industries as well as creating an international business environment in accordance with World Bank criteria. Viewing Toolots' business model as beneficial to industry as well as trade, Shenyang is interested in promoting Toolots' unique platform to SMEs seeking to expand their distribution network or sell in a new market. 

    "Industrial equipment manufacturing plays a pivotal role in Shenyang's economy. Toolots is a global marketplace specializing in industrial equipment, so I am particularly interested [in the company] for that reason," said Vice Mayor Zhang Jinghui. "Shenyang's industrial suppliers have a substantial domestic customer base, but they haven't broken that much ground internationally. We will actively support getting an initial 'batch' of industrial supply vendors to conduct cross-border sales on your platform." 

    Toolots CEO Jason Fu expressed his gratitude for the city's help in promoting the platform. He assured, "Our product specialist teams will work with several initial Shenyang suppliers to bring their products onboard that are suitable for the U.S. market. These initial suppliers will be 'model enterprises' to demonstrate that Toolots really is the fastest and most effective method for suppliers to expand their business overseas." 

    Zhang also expressed his interest in bilateral trade. "Toolots can also help us attract American SMEs to do business here – indeed, what our manufacturing needs is bilateral international cooperation. What Toolots wants to do in terms of business development is precisely what Shenyang needs right now," said Zhang. "Shenyang is working hard to build an international business environment. We even invited third party organizations to assess, in order to better compel progress. Shenyang government will offer Toolots comprehensive support in expanding its business here, as soon as possible." 

    Toolots' CEO Jason Fu agreed that the focus would not only be on getting Chinese vendors on the platform, but also on getting U.S. vendors to sell to China: "Toolots is a services platform for industrial suppliers, primarily SMEs in the U.S. and China. SMEs in China and the U.S. have similar needs and challenges. Although large U.S. manufacturers have had a lot of success expanding sales into China, U.S. SMEs haven't necessarily been able to. We have signed a cooperation agreement with the U.S. Department of Commerce to help U.S. SMEs enter the Chinese market. In doing so, we actually garnered both U.S. federal and state government support as well." 

    Like many other cities in China, Shenyang has invested substantially in the creation of free enterprise zones and industrial parks in order to attract foreign businesses. For example, the China-German Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Shenyang was introduced in late 2015 to attract advanced production in automotive components and other industrial sectors. It currently hosts 30 German companies, including one of BMW's biggest manufacturing plants. Now cities in Liaoning, including Shenyang, are seeking to bring businesses into their U.S.-focused industrial parks. They hope that companies like Toolots will help bridge the way for U.S. companies interested in expanding to China. 

    Shenyang municipal leaders and Toolots gather for a group photo after the meeting.

    A Chinese version of this article, can be found here.

  • Toolots and Vendor Partners Participate in MFG Day 2017

    MFG DAY 2017


    Next Friday, October 6, 2017, is National Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) which aims to inform and inspire the next generation of manufacturers. The event occurs annually on the first Friday of October, and primarily features thousands of manufacturers throughout the U.S. opening their doors to allow the community, including students and educators, to see how manufacturing facilities function in addition to what kind of work they perform. The goal of the event is to dispel misconceptions about the manufacturing industry, educate interested students, and facilitates discussions about current industry issues.


    Spraytech/Junair Participates in MFG Day


    This year, we’re proud to announce that several of our vendor partners will also be participating in MFG Day. Spraytech/Junair, a premier manufacturer of industrial spray booths based in Rialto, CA, will set up a small Table Top spray booth at the InTech Center at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The company will showcase their spray booth to provide students and community members an in-depth look into the industrial paint application industry along with detailed information about the industry. Find additional information about the MFG Day event.


    Toolots Helps ABCUSD High School Students Attend MFG Day


    Toolots is proud to be sponsoring transportation for a number of high school students throughout schools in the ABC Unified School District to attend MFG Day at Cerritos College. Attendees will have the opportunity to view five of the manufacturing and industrial departments within the college's Technical Division. The open house is available to educators, professionals, and high school students to attend. For more information regarding the event, please click here.


    MFG Day's Impact in 2016


    The National Association of Manufacturers’ (NAM) Manufacturing Institute (MI) together with Deloitte studied the effect Manufacturing Day 2016 had on elevating public perception of manufacturing and published the infographic below. The infographic shows that 89% of the manufacturers who took part in Manufacturing Day say they saw value in participating, and 86% said that they were likely to host an event again in the future. As such, we are excited to participate in the event and look forward to an even stronger MFG Day this year in October.


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