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Ali lifting Manual Lever Hoist 6Ton 13200 lbs 5ft Lift Height

TPIN: XOF8C02SX Condition: New
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WARRANTY:90-Days Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by: yutool

1. 13200LB load capacity, 6 tons, with 5FT lifting height.    

2. Safety brake with two pawls hold the load in any position safely! All parts corrosion protected! Of cource, the brake discs are free of asbestos.  

3. Swivelling top and bottom hook.    

4. Each lever hoist tested at 150% of rated capacity, 3% light load test.  

5. Load chain's minimum mean stress at breaking force 1000N/mm²    

6. It is made of dilute alloy steel plate, steel structure, which is safer and more durable.

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Product Description


1. Simple free-running mode: When the selection switch is moved to the middle point, the unladen chain can easily be pulled through the device freely.    

2. New Chain End Piece: In the unlikely case of a brake failure, this serves as an additional safety device because it cannot be pulled through the device with the load chain and therefore the load is held reliably.    

3. Load Chain: Load chain's minimum mean stress at breaking force 1000N/mm².  

4. Protected Handle: The ergonomic rubber handle on the end of the lever protects the user against injury.      


1. Connecting parts: Galvanised screws, nuts and bolts prevent corrosion, even if used outdoors.    

2. Rotatable Hooks: The forged top and bottom hooks made of heat-treated, alloy steel are fully rotatable and equipped with spring-loaded, galvanised hook clips.    


1. Each lever hoist tested at 150% of rated capacity, 3% light load test.  

2. G80 load chain    

3. Operation running test above 1,500 times.      

Technical Advantages:

Hand lever can be used in any position thanks to the ratchet, safety automatic mechanical brake, galvanised connecting parts, high quality hook clip, large, non slip hand wheel, safety chain end piece.

Product Information
Technical Details
Load Capacity: 13200LB/6Ton
Lifting Height: 5FT/1.5 Meters
Running Test Load: 91KN
Pulling Force: 431N
Load Chain: 2pieces/unit
Load Chain Diameter*Pitch: 9*27mm (23/64*1-4/64inches)
H 24-7/64 Inches (611 mm)
A 7-44/64 Inches (195 mm)
B 3-23/64 Inches (85 mm)
C 9-32/64Inches (241 mm)
D 1-52/64 Inches (46 mm)
L 14-27/64 Inches (366 mm)
Weight: 55.56LB/25.2  KGS


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$160.50 $180.50

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