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Pneumatic AC Flush Machine Semi Automatic For Automotive

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WARRANTY: 1-YEAR Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by:yutool


1. Power by air pressure-no sparkles and safety. 

2. Use the air pressure to take away dirt inside the A/C pipe circuit. 

3. Double filter design, filter out the dirt of the inside tube and it is visible.

4. The best design is the circulation of cleaner.  Clean A/C system again and again.

5. The leakage of the system can be easily detected by liquid pressure or air pressure. 

6. After Cleaning, the lives of the compressor and the cooling system can be effectively extended. This maintenance procedure is highly recommended. 

7. Match A/C tube cleaner with HW-03 Universal connectors to achieve high efficiency. 

8. It is very easy to operate.

Product Description


We have to remind that you should make sure with the cleaning solvent if plastic items couldn't be swollen by it,
or the cleaner may injure the machine or its components, even the AC system.
You can put an o-ring in the liquid to test for it If its shape changed then the liquid may not suit for the machine.
Also, we advise that the cleaning solvent should be eco-friendly and in accordance with rules and regulations with MSDS (you can consult with the attachment). 


1. First, choose a suitable coupler, connect the cleaning agent delivery tube with the outlet⑫ and the cleaning agent inlet. Then, link the cleaning agent collecting tube with the valve⑦ and the outlet together.

(1) Connect the air quick coupler with air inlet③.

(2) Open the valve② and ⑦. If the pressure gauge⑨ rises, (it means that the copper tube in the air conditioner is clogged up), please eliminate clogs and close the valve②. If no obstruction, you can proceed with the cleaning procedure.

(3) Close valve⑦ and then open valve② first. When the pressure gauge⑨ rises about 3kg/cm2, please close valve② immediately.
     If the pressure gauge doesn’t rise after about 10 seconds, it means that there is no leak at the joint of the coupler or the system doesn’t leak itself, and then you can start the cleaning immediately. If it leaks, please inspect and eliminate it.

2. Pour appropriate volume of cleaning solvent into the opening for fill⑩.

3. Connect the air pressure source with the air inlet③, and then turn the valve⑦ on.

4. Open the valve②, the level of pressure can be adjusted at high or low, and then close the valve② to start the cleaning.

5. If you want to do the cleaning again, just open and close the air inlet valve②. The frequency of cleaning depends on your choice.

6. After cleaning, the cleaning solvent will be recollected. Take apart the rear/back part of the connector of the cleaning solvent delivery tube and collect the dirty cleaning solvent with a container. Afterward, open the valve of flush air inlet ②. Under this circumstance, the cleaning solvent can be recollected.

7. After the cleaning solvent recollecting, link the connector back and open valve ②. Make sure the cleaning solvent in the system to be blown to dry by the air pressure.

※ In the course of usage, being damaged by "strong erosive cleaner" is excluded from the warranty.

Product Information
Technical Details

 2 L      2,000ml   |   67-63/100 fl oz
Used Pressure
5~7  kg/cm |  71-3/25"~ 99-14/25" Psi
Air Pressure

Additional Information

Machine Size

300 x 230 x 600 mm  

11-41/50" 9-3/50" x 23-31/50"

$287.00 $479.00

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