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31" x 39" Pneumatic Heat Press Machine Double Pull Out Worktable

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WARRANTY: 1-YEAR Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by:yutool

1. Power for the heat press machine : 9500W 
2. Time Range: 0-999 Second
3. Temperature Range: 0-399℃(32-750℉)
4. Printing Area: 80X100CM ( 31''X39'' )
5. Voltage: 220V 3 Phase 60Hz
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Product Description

31" x 39" Pneumatic Heat Press Machine Double Pull Out Style Worktable 220V 3-Phase 

  1.Electronic digital temperature display, automatic constant temperature;
  2.Heating plate and heating plate as a whole, safe, durable, uniform heating distribution;
  3.High temperature resistantsilica gel bottom plate makes the baking printing pressure more uniform and nodeformation at 300℃;
  4.Automatic timecontrol;Pressure adjustment is convenient.



1. Humanized design, fashionable and beautiful appearance, moresimple and fast operation, suitable for batch hot stamping processing; 

2. Electronic digital display, microcomputer controltemperature, time, high accuracy;

3. The upper and lower thickened aluminum plate, 8 heat pipesmake the heating more uniform, no deformation of more than 300 degrees;

4  Bearing pressure, spring pressure regulating, so thatthe pressure is greater and more uniform!

Hot stamping required temperature and time as follows:

Pure cotton: 180-220 degrees, 15-25 seconds

Polyester: 180 degrees, 40 seconds

Lettering film: 160 degrees, 10 seconds

Chemical fiber: 150-180 degrees, 10-40 seconds

Hot drilling: 160-200 degrees, 10-30 seconds

Please refer to the above information, the actual operation tobe adjusted very well!

Product Information
Technical Details



220V 3 Phase 60Hz



Temperature range


Time range

0-999 Sec

Working size

31" x 39" (80 x 100cm)

Additional Information

$2,608.00 $3,478.00

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