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8 Color 8 Station Micro Registration Screen Printing Machine

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1. 8 color 8 station T-shirt press equipment

2. Floor type micro adjustable, more accurate

3. Steel plate and Electrostatic spraying

4. Large printing area: 22 x 18 in 

5. Both the pallet and the screen frame can rotate independently at 360 degree

Product Description

This machine is mainly used for accurate 8-color T-shirt register printing, equipped with eight screen frame collets and eight T-shirt stage plate stations;

Both the pallet part and the screen frame part can be rotated independently at 360 degree; Users can operate at any station;

Each screen frame fixing device is configured with manual micro-adjust knobs, and it can make the overprinting be more accurate.

If one dryer is placed on a station to flash dry the surface, two users are familiar with the machine,  they can print 60-80 pieces six colors t-shirts each hour . 

This machine is manual mobile screen frame to match color, all the screen frames’position is correct to any one pallet ,  the other one pallet will be correct , then the user can start overprinting.There is no need to correct the position of the color one by one. Before leaving the factory, our engineers accurately positioned the steel plate and all the screws could not be loosened. 

The functions and characters :

 1.  Both the chuck of the screen frame and the pallet can rotate at 360 degree;Users can operate at any position or any pallet position;

2. Users can finish all the screen frame’s overprinting positioning at any pallet station. All the screen frames’ position is correct to any one pallet , the other one pallet will be correct , then the user can start overprinting.There is no need to correct the position of every pallet.

 3. Each mesh frame fixing device is equipped with six micro adjustment knobs. By using the knob,user can micro adjust the screen frame from front to back , from left to right .It can make the overprinting more simple and more accurate.

4. Each screen frame’s fixing device is equipped with precise positioning wheel,when the positioning iron on the arm placed in positioning wheel closely, it can ensure the printing precision .

 5. Each screen frame’s fixing device is equipped with big lock wheel, screen frame arm can easily fall into the metal positioning wheel when touch the two big lock wheels ,and it also can prevent the direct collision between the positioning iron and the metal positioning wheel .

  6. Each screen frame’s fixing device is equipped with adjustable height chuck positioning knobs and adjustable height knobs when lift up the screen frame .

7.  According to the weight of the screen frame, spring tension can be adjusted by the basket screws to achieve balance;

8. Screen frame chuck’s width is (11 in) 29 cm ; It is suitable for screen frame with outside size within (24 in) 60 cm and screen frame with thickness size is within 4 cm (1.6 in) ;

9. The screen frame chuck can be adjusted up to 5 cm(2 in) according to the height of the substrate.

10. Screen frame chuck knob fix the screen frame together with the special aluminum alloy plate, and it can be fit closely and be more stable;

11.  The pallet can move 10 cm (4 in) from front to back by the connections at the bottom of the pallet.

12.  T-shirt type pallet of the machine is 55 cm (22 in) long, 45 cm(18 in) wide, the thickness is 1.8 cm (0.7 in); Using furniture surface melamine high density board, the surface with small pits, and it is more suitable for printing T-shirt when scraping the pallet glue.

13.  There are five universal wheels at the bottom of the machine,which can be moved and fixed, and equipped with five supporting rods. The machine is configured with 5 machine rack supporting feet, and it can adjust the height of the whole machine within 20 cm (8 in) .

14.  The machine is packed in a special wooden box for export, and the whole machine has been installed basically. According to the installation diagram and a complete set of installation tools, the whole machine can be installed. Please install 5 universal wheels and 5 supporting angles in the box and move to the site carefully


Product Information
Technical Details

Product Code


Product Color


Printing Area

22 x 18 in

Machine using material

steel plate

Machine Welding Technology

Welding mainly

Machine surface treatment

Electrostatic spraying

Important components

Aluminum profile

Attachment material

Stainless steel or zinc plating, nickel plating

Additional Information

Net weight


Gross weight


Packing size

38 x 38 x 52.5in

Packing volume


Packing material

wooden box

$2,440.00 $4,288.00

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