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Automatic Small Desktop Round Bottle Labeling Machine

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1.automatic round bottle labeling machine ( ST-510 )

2. Labeling machine ( ST-510 ) is suitable for round containers, such as bottles, cans, barrels, cups, etc.

3. Labeling machine ( ST-510 ) has the characteristics of light weight, fast speed, smooth label, no bubbles, and neat label, which makes up for the lack of manual labeling.

4. Small automatic round jar gallon beer bottle sticker industrial labeling machine

5. Desktop mini automatic round bottle can labeling machine

Product Description

Name:  Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Model: ST - 510

Applicable Products: Round container. For example: beer bottles, red wine bottles, cosmetic bottles, hemp oil bottles, hand sanitizer bottles, cans, cups, etc.

Advantages: light weight, small size, fast speed, flat labeling, neat, and no bubbles,which make up for the shortcomings of manual labeling.

Compatibility: Our machines can be compatible with products of different sizes at the same time, and it is easy and convenient to replace products

Product Information
Technical Details

Speed 30~60 pcs/min
Power 500 W/0.57 HP
Voltage 110V/60 HZ
Labeling accuracy ±0.0394 inch
Label length 0.787~12.598 inch
Label width 0.984~3.937 inch
Container diameter 0.984~3.937 inch
Container height 0.984~9.055 inch
Conveyor belt width 3.937 inch
Conveyor belt height 17.717 inch

we can customized machine as your request,pls check question.

As shown in the figure below (the unit in the figure is: mm)

Additional Information

Product size: length, width and height  51*35*27 IN, weight 242.5 LB

Package size: length, width and height  51*32*33 IN, weight 336 LB

$3,999.00 $4,299.00

In Stock.