5.3Gal Cordless Electrostatic Insecticid Disinfect Sprayer 8 Qty

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  1. Professional cordless electrostatic sprayer
  2. Tank capacity: 20 l (5.3 Gal)
  3. Coverage area of each medicine tank: 30000 square feet
  4. Working time: continuous spraying for 6.5 hours
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Product Description

Professional cordless electrostatic spray (3WDB-J20) allows users to use no less than 6 hours without dragging the power line. In addition, it also saves time and effort, less spray and wide coverage. Contact electrostatic technology provides the solution with a charge that enables it to wrap the conductive surface efficiently and evenly. A contact electrostatic sprayer produces charged particles that encapsulate all conductive surfaces and shaded parts.

The professional cordless electrostatic sprayer of Shang Yuan company is supplied by the medicine barrel through the diaphragm pump, providing the liquid of the conical nozzle, and the liquid is sprayed out to form atomization.

The electrostatic generator of the sprayer is charged by the contact electrode of the handle and the discharge electrode in the cartridge.

Each switch of the handle is powered by a magnetoelectric spring switch. Thus, the corrosion of the switch caused by the liquid medicine is eliminated and the fault of the equipment is avoided.

The contact electrostatic sprayer is much smaller than the ordinary electric sprayer, and the utilization ratio of liquid in unit working time is more than doubled.

The electrostatic charge provided by the contact electrostatic spray can make the spray particles cover the surface and shadow parts of the conductive object.

Product Information
Technical Details

Professional cordless electrostatic sprayer

    Tank capacity: 20 l (5.3 Gal)

      Coverage area of each medicine tank: 30000 square feet (at minimum 60 micron single nozzle)

        Working time: continuous spraying for 6.5 hours

          Charging time: 7 hours

            Flow rate: 60 μ M / 9.5 oz / min, 120 μ M / 19 oz / min

              Sprayer weight: 101 pounds (filled with solution)

                Nozzle structure: electrostatic cone nozzle

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                $1,600.00 $3,200.00

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