5.3Gal Backpack Superfine Atomizing Air Assisted sprayer 8 Qty

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  1. Atomizing Air Assisated
  2. Tank capacity: 20 l (5.3 Gal)
  3. Area covered per Kit: 30000 square feet
  4. Superfine Atomizing Air Assisted sprayer
Product Description

Shang Yuan 3WDB-FT-J20 cordless electrostatic packaging super fine sprayer is composed of 20L liquid storage tank, high speed turbine fan, conical atomizing sprinkler, electrostatic generator and diaphragm pump.

When the droplet is ejected from the nozzle, the electrostatic nozzle charges the high-pressure charge into the droplet and disperses the droplet twice. As a result, the droplets are ejected and the nozzle is filled with ions.

The maximum wind pressure of the high-speed turbine fan is 0.6kp, and the medium diameter droplets of 40 μ M can be transported to about 5m after dispersion.

The 3WDB-FT-J20 cordless electrostatic backpack superfine sprayer adopts 12V lithium battery, which can work for more than 2 hours with continuous maximum power, and the battery structure changes rapidly. In practical work, the battery can be replaced quickly and effectively to make the working time more lasting and effective

Product Information
Technical Details

Professional cordless electrostatic sprayer

    Tank capacity: 20 l (5.3 Gal)

      Area covered per Kit: 30000 square feet (minimum 60 micron single nozzle)

        Working time: continuous spraying for 2 hours

          Charging time: 9 hours

            Flow rate: 40 μ M / 5.7 oz / min

              Sprayer weight: 121 pounds (filled with solution)

                Nozzle structure: electrostatic cone nozzle

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