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HZPK 3-1/8"Flat Metal Screw Cap Desktop Capper Electrical Capping Machine

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WARRANTY: 1-YEAR Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by:yutool

1. Voltage: AC 110V/60Hz

2. Cap Diameter: 1-1/4"-3-1/8"(30-80mm)

3. Bottle Height: 1.57"-7.87"(40-200mm)

4. Capping Speed: 20-25bottles/min

5. Metal and stainless steel for machine body solid and durable

6. Capping, pressing cap at the same time

Product Description


This machine is semi-auto capping machine, can save labor and make it easier for tightening or losing the caps of bottles. The working speed is adjustable, if your caps is not with many threads ,then you can adjust to lower working speed for fitting the caps and it won't damage your caps.  And this machine is made with a fixing frame, can help you fix the bottle and will not tipped the bottle over.

③——Capping switch  
④——Speeding control
⑤——Height adjustment 
⑥——Capping motor
⑦——Capping head

Optional Size:
Small Cap Head: 3.54"(90mm)

Big Cap Head: 3.94"(100mm)

The cap diameter of standard machine is 3.54"(90mm), if you need other diameter cap head please contact our customer service

Suitable Bottle:

This machine can change another type of capping head to suitable for plastic bottle product. If need contact customer service to know more

Product Information
Technical Details
VoltageAC 110V/60Hz
Cap Diameter1-1/4"-3-1/8"(30-80mm)
Bottle Height1.57"-7.87"(40-200mm)
Capping Speed20-25bottles/min
Cap head Size3.54"(90mm)

Additional Information
Machine Size17" × 16" × 23" (430 × 404 × 580mm)
Machine Weight44 lbs (20kg)

$390.00 $417.00

In Stock.