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20'' 20 Gal Ride On Floor Scrubber 100 AH Battery

TPIN: 0SKD84TK6 Condition: New
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WARRANTY: 1-YEAR Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by:yutool

the machine configure 1 brush. If order from this site now, 1 pad driver and 1 pad will get for free. 

1. Drive Type: Traction Drive

2. 20" Cleaning Width, squeegee Width: 32 inch.

3. 20 Gallon recovery tank, 19 Gallon solution tank

4. LED warning light.

5. Maintenance free Batteries, provides 4~5 hr.run time per charge

6. Big power and easy operate, two walk behind floor scrubber's work efficiency

7. Compact design and more flexiable.

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Product Description

1 D7 ≈ 2 walk behind scrubber working efficiency .

1 person can complete more work in the same time.

the machine configure 1 brush. If order from this site now, 1 pad driver and 1 pad will get for free. 

1. Ride on design, more comfortable and convenient for operator.
2. Easy for maintenance. More reliable.
3. Linatex rubber.
4. Pedal type speed control+electronic brake, saft and stable.
5. With deep cycle maintenance free battery, once charge can work about 4 hours.
6. Low noise design, to minimize the impact of cleaning work on the surrounding.

Product Information
Technical Details
Voltage 24
Cleaning Path 22
Traction   forward/backward
Number of brushes 1
Brush rotation speed 200
Brushmotor 24/500
Brushpressure 70
Squeegee 34
Solution Tank 19
Recovery Tank 20
Batteries 12V100AH*2
Type batteries GEL 
Sound Level 68
Run time per charge  3-4
Cleaning Productivity  32292
Additional Information
1. Always keep the machine in good condition

2. To keep the machine in good condition is the premise for the machine to play an effective function, and it is also the work focus of operators and supervisors.

3. Do not let the machine work with faults, eliminate problems in time if found, and do not let small lesions and serious diseases.

4. Consumable parts and wearing parts should be replaced in time when they are needed to be replaced. It is our pursuit to make the machine work efficiently.

$4,499.00 $6,499.00

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