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4.2BBL Turnkey All Grain Beer Fermenter with Built-in Cooling System

TPIN: V5JF6SNVJ Condition: New
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Conical bottom

With Insulation layer, thickness: 80mm

With CIP cleaning ball

Co2 Blow-off arm

Safety valve/Breath valve

Pressure regulating valve 

Dry Hop port

Sight glass with light

Top Manhole

Drain outlet

Wort import and yeast export

Sampling valve

PT100 temperature sensor interface

Product Description

For the beginners who has just entered the industry of craft beer brewing, a set of beer brewing equipment that's easy to operate, of  low cost and occupies small floor area has already been their best choice.  

 This is pressured fermentation tank, with conical bottom, and insulation layer, 

Pressured Conical Fermenter Features:

1. The refrigeration system is built in the base of the fermentation tank, to fast cooling wort, provide proper temperature for fermentation and beer storage.  

2. Welding method: 100% argon arc welding  

The inside surface is with passivating treatment.

2. With a pulley that makes it easier to move.

3. Operating easily, just need set temperature for automatic cooling.

4. Save the cost of ice water tank and Industrial chiller. 

5. The fermentation tank is with temp. control system, pressure control system and beer tap system. With the beer tap system, it can be used as beer selling machine directly.  It is a great solution for home brewer, small brewery and restaurant etc.


Product Information
Technical Details


Product Name Integrated Brewhouse Model No. JD0.5
Useful Volume  BBL 3.6 Total Volume   BBL 4.2
Net Weight      LB 803 Product Size Inch Φ42×h97
Factory Number JDT20201122697 Date of Manufacture 2020/11/20
Power Supply460V


Fermentation Tank

Product Name Fermenter Model No. JDF0.5
Useful Volume  BBL 3.6 Total Volume    BBL 4.2
Net Weight  LB 933 Product Size Inch 38×38×90
Factory Number JDF202011221160 Date of Manufacture 2020/11/20
Power Supply: 110V

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$4,980.00 $5,129.00

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