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11pcs-Industrial Welding Helmet Replace Battery DIN16 Full Shade True Color-CLOSE OUT, SHOP NOW!

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America famous welding brand supplier, high quality , price cheap than DIY tools of  Amazon.

USA native brand, Strict factory quality control system: Since 1992, Factory specilize in professional welding helmet 28 years, same OEM factory for many USA famous brands.Let us pay each dollar for same  good product directly, not for high premium brand.

1. Top Optical Class:  1/1/1/1 top filter/lens, surpass ANSI Z87.1 Standards.

2. High Definition True Color:  Bright shade to 3. True color LCD.

3. Fast Response Time:  4 sensitive sensors, response time  <1/30,000 seconds.

4. Wide/full/adjustable Shade Range:  3/4-8/9-13 covering all ≥20A TIG/MIG/MMA welding / Plasma Cutting.

5. Step-less Adjustment:  Step-less delay and sensitivity adjustment.

6. High Impact Resistance Shell:  Made by Poly-amide, passed EN175 high impact test.

7. Light Weight Shell:  Light weight to 480g , not heavy on neck.

8. Comfortable Headgear:  Fully breathable sponge, reduce head pressure.

9. Replaceable battery:  Power by solar cell and CR2450  replaceable Lithium battery.

Product Description


America famous welding brand supplier, high quality , price cheap than DIY tools of  Amazon.

This is a top quality welding helmet. The best ones top optical class 1/1/1/1 provide the ultimate protection for your eyes. Perfect material,stable enough and long time working hours, as well as inexpensive prices make impeccable products.

1.Top Optical Class: 

1/1/1/1(1>2>3) top filter, surpass ANSI Z87.1 / EN379 CE / CSA Z94.3 Standards,

not only give your eyes best protection, but also start to say goodbye to irregular welding today.  

(The first 1: light shade homogeneity is 1, mean visual accurancy of light shade is best,the things you see is real, not distorted ;Imagine the thing are distorted when you look though water/distorting mirror.

The second 1: Diffusion of light class is 1,  mean chose best LCD material which not allow any impurities or stratch(Imagine surface of moon is bumpy), then reflection or diffuse is not vertical or irregular when welding; user will see welding joint clearly,no double shadow, no blur.

 The Third 1: Variable shade homogeneity is 1, mean different position shade is  cosistent. For instance, you adjust shade to 10, then from up to below, from left to right, shade change of each corner should be same, not appear some area is too dark, some area is too light

The fourth 1:Angel dependence is 1,  no matter you look though which angel, even you slop the helmet, the clarity is cosistent)

2.High Definition Lens: 

Bright shade to 3, no need to taking off /flip helmet when do grinding or cleaning work.

3. True Color Lens: 

Reduce color blockage, give you a natural welding surroundings. 


 4. Anti-Blue Technology, Not Fatigue For Eyes :

Adapt chromatography bridging technology,

superimpose beneficial blue ray to yellow green, eyes not fatigue after long time work.


5. Extreme UV/IR protection: 

13-in-1 Optical Coating, not just DIN16, give your maximal protection UV≤0.00002%, IR≤0.03%


6. Four high sensitive sensors:  

Detect dependently, three-dimensional distribution, not affected by nature light and ambient light, response time only 0.03 milliseconds(1/30,000), no eye piercing.


Product Information
Technical Details

Part Number


Item model number


Item Weight

16 ounces(480g)

Product Dimensions

11.61 x 7.87 x 9.45 inches

Viewing Area 

3.86 x 1.69 inch  (98 x 43 mm)

Filter CE Class


UV/IR protection


Arc Sensors


Power Source

1 x CR2450 Replaceable Lithium Batteries

+Solar Cells

Power On/Off

Fully Automatic


Outside Can be continued adjustable

Delay Time

Inside Can be continued adjustable


WELDING / GRINDING can be selective

Switching time

a) Light to Dark 1/30,000 s

b) Dark to Light 0.25 - 0.8 s

Helmet Material

High-impact resistant plastic/Polyamide (Nylon)

Low Tig Amps Rated

3 amps

Special Features

Highest Optical Class 1/1/1/1,

Light shade 3, Wide Shade Range DIN 4-8/9-13 ,

4 Premium Sensors,Fast Response Time(1/30,000), Polyamide Material

Included Components

Welding Helmet, Manual, Front Cover Lens



loading qty

1504pcs (20' FCL)

3008pcs (40' FCL)

Viewing area98 x 43mm100 x 65mm
Optical Class1/1/1/11/1/1/1
Light Shade33
Variable ShadeDIN4-8/9-13DIN4-8/9-13
UV/IR Protection Up to shade DIN16 all timeUp to shade DIN16 all time
Reaction Time1/30,000s1/30,000s
Delay time 0.3-0.9s0.2-1s
SensitivityOutside can be continued adjustableInside can be continued adjustable
Function "WELDING /GRINDING"canbe outside selective"WELDING /GRINDING"canbe outside selective
Helmet Material High Impact resistant Polyamide NylonHigh Impact resistant Polyamide Nylon
Total Weight 480g490g
Additional Information

European CE certificate-filter(From Germany ECS lab, you could 1/1/1/1)

CE certificate- face shield

$461.78 $693.00

In Stock.