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ApolloLift 118" High Fully Powered-Electric Straddle Stacker with 2200lbs Cap.

TPIN: EUGJSHB1V Condition: New
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1. Super light full electric stacker with load capacity 2200lbs 
2. Max lift height 118", fork lowered height 3.1"

3. Curtis handle with adjustable fork width 7.8"-31.5"
4. Straddle legs width range from 44"-60"

5. 6 Hours Battery Charging time and 6 Hours Working Time

6. Max. Gradeability (laden/unladen) : 6% / 15%

7. Turning Radius: 58.7"
8. Lifting by electric power, move by electric power
9. Efficient and energy-saving power unit

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Product Description

• Compact design for US type pallet, perfect stacking and pallet positioning as well as stocking and refilling shelves.
• Small turning radius widely used in small warehouse and supermarket
• Suit for low level stacking and short distance transportation
• Back cover is integrated type design ,easy to assemble and maintain

• Gel battery free to maintain

• Built-in charger easy to access to power supply

Product Information
Technical Details
Model  CTD10R-E
Capacity (lbs) 2200
Load centre distance  c (inch) 23.6
Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork x (inch) 30.3
Fork height, lowered h13 (inch) 3.1 
Height, mast lowered h1 (inch) 84.4 
Height, mast extended h4 (inch) 141.7 
Max. lift height h3 (inch) 118.0 
Overall length l1 (inch) 68.1
Length to face of forks l2 (inch) 26.0 
Overall width b1 (inch) 44-60
Fork dimensions s/e/l (inch) 1.3/3.9/42
Width overall forks b5 (inch) 7.8-31.5
Aisle width for pallets 800x1200lengthways Ast (inch) 89.7 
Turning radius Wa (inch) 58.7 
Travel speed, laden/unladen (Miles/h) 2.8/ 3.1
Lifting speed, laden/unladen (inch/s) 3.5/5.5
Battery Voltage, normal capacity K5 V/Ah 24/105
Truck weight (lbs)


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