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Bodee ER20 11/32" Spring Collet Precision 15 micron

TPIN: RQAPYALHW Condition: New
4.3 $4.30

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In Stock. Fulfilled by Toolots.
WARRANTY: 1-YEAR Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by:yutool

1. Hole Diameter : 11/32", overall length is 1 - 15/64"

2. Material:High Grade 65Mn

3. Clamping Range: 21/64"-11/32"(0.328"-0.349")

4. Good elasticity, high precision, Run-Out Tolerance 0.00059"

No return,no refund after purchase

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Product Description

The following schematic diagrams and product pictures are only for reference.

If you have any questions, please contact us.



 Runout tolerance within 15 micron (0.00059") at 4×d position



 Designed for use with cylindrical shank tools, not flats

 The full length of the cutting tool should be placed in the collet

 Made from 65Mn Alloy spring steel , vacuum annealing and hardened to HRC 42-45

 Each collet gone through thermal aging process to eliminante grinding residual stress and long cryogenic treatment to imoproce wear resistance



 This ER20 collet has a range of 21/64"-11/32"(0.328"-0.349"

 Works in all ER20 Collet Chucks 

  Installation Instruction

1. Put the collet into the nut and gently rotate the nut, then the eccentric part of the nut is in the grooves, and the package is pushed evenly

   along the arrow, and it can be loaded into the nut

2. Install the collet and the nut on the shank or machine tool shaft together, wipe the tool cylinder handle into the clamping hole, and tighten

   the nut evenly with the wrench, until the tool clamp can be used (Note: install tools before fasten the nut so as not to damage the collet)

3. When changing the tools, release the nut and collet with the wrench, unload the tools, push the collet along the arrow direction, make it

    quit, and then change the other collet you needed


Product Information
Technical Details


Brand Name Bodee
SKU BB0103011
Collet Series ER20
Size (d) 11/32"
Clamping Range



DiameterD 13/16"
Overall Length (L) 1 -15/64"
Runout 0.00059"
Shape Round
Material Type Alloy Steel
Net Weight 0.07 lbs
Gross Weight 0.09 lbs 
Meas 1.57 × × 1 in.
Additional Information


In Stock.