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Collomix 1.3 HP Hand-Held Power Mixer

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  • Outstanding ergonomics
  • Strong and long-lasting motor
  • Adjustable working height
  • Guard handle
  • Excellent design
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Product Description

Collomix is committed to its role as an innovator in the market by offering products which are both optimized in technical terms and deliver high user value. Collomix mixing drills and paddles are the perfect combinations of functionality and design. The Xo 1 is a hand-held mixing drill used in the construction industries. 

Optimum performance and perfect ergonomics. That’s what the Xo hand-held power mixers are. Easy to operate with a straight back and ergonomically shaped grip handles. State-of-the-art motor and gear unit components for long service and safety while working. For your safety every Xo hand-held mixer is equipped with a Double Action Trigger (with safety lock-off to prevent unintentional machine start-up). With HEXAFIX® tool connection.

Mixer Xo 1
Power Supply 110 - 125 Volts
Power Rating  1.3 HP
Gears 1
Speed/Load 0 - 590 rpm
Paddle Diameter 4.7"
Mixing Volume up to 10.5 gal
Double Action Trigger Yes
Comes with Paddle WK 120 HF
Item Number 20405
Weight  15 lbs. 
  • Outstanding ergonomics
  • Strong and long-lasting motor
  • Adjustable working height
  • Guard handle
  • Excellent design
Product Information
Technical Details

Mixing jobs are part of the daily routine on any construction site. But professional mixing machines and mixing paddles are often nowhere to be found. Many craftsmen continue to struggle with a simple power drill for complex mixing jobs instead of using a special hand-held power mixer.

A power drill can certainly be adequate for mixing small volumes of mainly liquid materials at a low rpm, but when materials with higher viscosity or large mixing volumes have to be mixed a power drill should not be your first choice. Because a power drill is designed to drill in short bursts and not mix for long periods of time, they tend to quickly overheat and burnout. Also, when using a power drill, the mixing time will increase with a higher physical strain on the user.

So why make mixing jobs more difficult?

In comparison, with ordinary drills, Collomix hand-held paddle mixers are specially designed for heavy loads generated during mixing. The drive elements supply enough power and sufficient cooling for the motor even under the heaviest of loads, and the special gear units guarantee a long life and optimum performance.

Collomix hand-held mixers also give you many more advantages.

Because Collomix hand-held paddle mixers are all designed ergonomically, the comfortable holding position and body posture make your work easier. The special machine power and rotational speed are in optimal balance for top-class mixing results and minimum physical strain on the user.

Collomix hand-held paddle mixers also convert power into mixing action. The gear system and finely adjustable electronics of the Collomix hand-held paddle mixers provide maximum power at all time. Moreover, the ON/OFF switch has a safeguard for preventing unintentional start-up, while the speed is finely controlled by speed electronics.

Collomix hand-held paddle mixers are powerful and wear-resistant with maximum power utilization and long service life - Count on it!

As a rule of thumb: the larger the mixing volume, the higher the viscosity of the mixing material, the lower the rpm and, as a consequence, the higher the drive power required.

Don’t sabotage your mixing job by using only an ordinary power drill – Make your work easier by using a hand-held mixer from Collomix

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